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Clinic Biodent

My name is Vitalie Sandu. I’m the director of “Biodent” dental clinic. Clinic was founded 15 years ago.

During these years, the team succeeded in obtaining high performance in the field by applying remedial techniques with art materials.

"Biodent is equipped with technological equipment and uses the art methods in the treatment of clinical cases.

Two consecutive years (2001, 2002) I was the Republican contest finalist of "Aesthetic Dental Restorations" and placed the image of clinic in the top of most respectable dental clinics.

I would like to point out the tradition in dental prosthetics, which is over 15 years. Our experience in dental prosthetics deserve confidence.

A separate chapter in the work of the clinic is the implant, which allows replacement of lack teeth with the endoosseus pivot, functional and cosmetic restoration of the jaw. Professionalism and perseverance, implementation in practice of the most advanced dental technologies have placed Clinic Biodent in the top of most listed institutions, which collaborate with experts from various European countries. Consequently, it’s recognition of the clinic "Biodent" to "VIP Fashion Award 2008'', 3rd edition.

Be our partner in a partnership for a healthy future - we know how to provide health services.

Vitalie Sandu, director of dental clinic "Biodent"